The Yamamoto Team is Growing

Yamamoto is currently the only local recruiting company in the Philadelphia region that strictly focuses on high level, hands-on technical positions.

Ideal candidates for the manufacturing industry are individuals who uphold an intellectual prowess; critical thinking and problem-solving are key in order to connect objectives within emerging technologies. The manufacturing industry needs driven leaders to propel the revolution and assist our nation’s economy to consistently thrive.

Here at Yamamoto, we are dedicated to ensuring the prosperity of the manufacturing industry by raising awareness of the existing opportunities within the Philadelphia area. In doing so, our services are distinctly specialized—Manufacturing is all we do. We understand the industry inside and out further helping us provide top notch, focused work.

Our company was founded by Chon and Katie Yamamoto. They are motivated by their passion to aid others and spread awareness about the next Golden Age of American Manufacturing.

We’re advocates first and recruiters second.

The Team:

Chon Yamamoto (CEO / Owner) — Chon sought out to be an engineer recruiter but fell in love with the forthright nature of manufacturing and quickly became an advocate for the industry. For over a decade, he has been a manufacturing recruiter in the Philadelphia area, receiving recognition by industry leaders for his expertise regarding manufacturing skill sets. Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, Chon moved to Philadelphia when he was 18 and never looked back. His passion for assisting others and improving lives is what drives his objective to spread awareness about the job opportunities in manufacturing. He is YAMAMOTO’s fearless leader and is allergic to mostly everything.

Katie Yamamoto (Vice President) — Katie began her career in biomedical research after double majoring in Integrative Biology and Human Rights Studies at UC Berkeley. She followed with receiving her master’s in biomedical sciences and went on to work in healthcare marketing. She was working for Johnson & Johnson in medical device sales when her husband, Chon, was prepared to launch Yamamoto. Through her solution-driven attitude and infectious positivity, Katie left J&J to become co-founder, Vice President and overall heart and soul of Yamamoto. Katie was an avid ultimate frisbee competitor in college as well as being a member of the minority class who can say they have climbed Mount Kilimanjaro! Yet arguably most significant, she is neutral about cilantro.

Olivia Olenberg (Director of Marketing) — Olivia was raised in a family business in the high-end fashion industry where she was able to develop her natural people skills and impeccable sense of style. She received her BA at Towson University, where she was a founding member and Vice President of Recruitment for her sorority. During her undergrad, she worked at an employment law firm where she gained her hands-on experience advocating for fair working conditions across various industries. With her diverse employment background in many fields including legal, non-profit, sales, and graphic design, Olivia’s passion for helping others has always shined through: She is a true jack of all trades. A native of South Jersey, Olivia has told people she’s from Philly her whole life and is thrilled to be back home.

Tyler Thomson (Marketing Specialist / Industry Recruiting Expert) — Tyler hails from the Jersey Shore and is currently in his final year at Penn State University pursuing his BA in Public relations and Communications. Early in high school Tyler began working as a food runner/umbrella boy for a local Pool Club where he then went on to become a Floor Supervisor for three-and-a-half years in which he was able to build his gift of gab as well as adding on-the-go problem solving and multitasking prowess to his array of skills. His past work experience also includes being a freelance writer and research analyst for two sports data start-up companies established by Penn State graduates. Tyler is also a member of the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity where he has held numerous leadership positions within the brotherhood for the last three years.

Our Mission is to get young people involved in manufacturing. To do so, we’re on a mission to redefine and elevate the image of the manufacturing industry. We seek to raise awareness regarding the real opportunities that exist within manufacturing, and to deliver consulting services for our clients as we recruit the next generation of manufacturers.

Our Vision is to establish a prosperous future where “skilled trades” are seen as smart trades, and that the value of a career in manufacturing is parallel to that of a medicine or law.

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