Industry: Fabrication Welding

Precise methods to create vital products.


Fabrication Welding


Welders melt metal parts and fuse them together to create new, strongly bonded objects. Once bonded, welders smooth and polish surfaces. Welders work with their hands, using precise methods to create vital products across a variety of industries.

Prior to the hands-on work, welders need to study blueprints and project specifications to calculate the proper dimensions for the parts. They inspect materials and structures, monitor the welding process, and maintain the machinery and equipment they use to perform the job.

Safety is an incredibly important part of this job, so welders must understand proper systems and procedures to maintain a safe work environment for themselves and those around them.

Fabrication Welding

Key Traits

  • You’re someone with an interest in how things work. You’re continuously learning in order to troubleshoot as problems arise.

  • You’re motivated to learn new things.

  • You are flexible and logical. You can adapt to new situations and think on your feet.

  • You’re an innovator. You constantly strive to be the best at what you do.

  • You’re inclined towards math and science. These skills are based in logic and are used daily by welders.

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