Industry: Industrial Maintenance & Repair

Keeping the manufacturing process operational.


Industrial Maintenance & Repair


Maintenance technicians are responsible for the installation, repair, preservation and troubleshooting of various machines and equipment. They are who you call in an emergency to provide expert knowledge as problems arise in manufacturing processes. When you’re part of a maintenance team, you’re responsible for keeping the manufacturing process 100% operational in order to maximize the output of finished, high quality products. Depending on the size of the company, the role of a maintenance technician can be either highly specialized or more of a general role with knowledge across various systems.

Industrial Maintenance & Repair

Key Traits

  • You’re reliable. In heightened situations, you’re someone others can rely on to pull through.

  • You’re someone with an interest in how things work. You’re continuously learning in order to troubleshoot as problems arise.

  • You’re detail oriented. You have an intuitive understanding of how machines work and can “feel” when something is not right.

  • You are flexible and logical. You can adapt to new situations and think on your feet.

  • You’re proactive. You anticipate ongoing potential issues to maximize efficiency.

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