Industry: Programmable Logic Controls

Programming and repair of essential devices.


Programmable Logic Controls


PLC technicians install and repair programmable logic control (PLC) devices – mini computers that communicate with and control machinery in manufacturing and other industries. PLCs control things like assembly line machines, to traffic lights and automated car washes. PLC technicians program, debug, and repair these essential devices. This career path is highly technical and requires an in-depth understanding of electrical systems and programming logic, as well as technical and problem-solving skills to troubleshoot and repair PLC devices.

Programmable Logic Controls

Key Traits

  • You’re a problem solver. You have the aptitude needed to fully grasp electrical designs, concepts, and theories, and can deliver quality troubleshooting solutions.

  • You’re an excellent communicator and team player.

  • You’re a multi-tasker. You’re able to balance and work simultaneously on complex issues.

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