Industry: Electronics

Technology performance of the highest quality.




Electronic technicians know everything about circuits, amplifiers, resistors, switches, and regulators. They design electronic devices and components, maintain electronic systems, and install electrical equipment. An electronics technician is responsible for the maintenance of the technology and electrical equipment to ensure its performance with the highest quality standards. Electronics technicians' duties include troubleshooting, replacing malfunction equipment components, upgrading technology and software systems, operating machines, diagnosing defects, analyzing blueprints, conducting system installations, and creating reports for technological procedures. An electronics technician must have excellent attention to detail and decision-making skills, as well as the ability to multi-task in performing tasks accurately and efficiently to deliver the best services to clients.


Key Traits

  • You’re flexible and logical. You can adapt to new situations and think on your feet.

  • You’re detail oriented.

  • You’re a problem solver. You have the aptitude needed to fully grasp electrical designs, concepts, and theories, and can deliver quality troubleshooting solutions.

  • You’re an excellent communicator and team player.

  • You’re a multi-tasker. You’re able to balance and work simultaneously on complex issues.

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