Industry: Automotive Diesel Technician

Maintenance and repair of diesel-powered vehicles.


Automotive Diesel Technician


Automotive diesel technicians and mechanics are responsible for the maintenance and repair of diesel-powered vehicles. Their duties include running diagnostic tests on vehicles, test driving vehicles to gauge performance and maintaining detailed records of the vehicles they have serviced. Diesel engine maintenance and repair is becoming more complex as engines and other components use more electronic systems to control their operation. For example, fuel injection and engine timing systems rely on microprocessors to maximize fuel efficiency and minimize harmful emissions. In most shops, workers often use hand-held or laptop computers to diagnose problems and adjust engine functions. Technicians and mechanics must be equip to use a variety of complex power and machine tools like pneumatic wrenches, lathes, grinding machines, and welding equipment. Hand tools, including pliers, sockets and ratchets, and screwdrivers, are also commonly used.

Automotive Diesel Technician

Key Traits

  • You’re mechanically inclined. You like to work with your hands and have a knack for figuring out how machines work.

  • You’re reliable. In heightened situations, you’re someone others can rely on to pull through.

  • You’re detail oriented. You have an intuitive understanding of how machines work and can “feel” when something is not right.

  • You are flexible and logical. You can adapt to new situations and think on your feet as engines become more technological and complex.

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