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Streamlining processes across various industries.


Artificial Intelligence


You probably hear it all the time -- technology keeps getting smarter. From the cars we drive to the apps we scroll, the enterprise application of artificial intelligence has grown 270% in the past four years alone. Finding uses across a range of industries including manufacturing, healthcare, education, transportation and more, it’s clear that AI will only continue to expand. Due to this rapid expansion, a career in artificial intelligence is one of the most lucrative paths college students and young professionals could take. Similar to manufacturing industry leaders, AI professionals are reporting a major skills gap in the recruitment of new scientists. In addition to relevant coursework and experience, the ideal candidate takes initiative in learning new, relevant skills and has the curiosity and perseverance needed to succeed. AI is completely transforming multiple industries - now is the time to consider a career in AI.

Artificial Intelligence

Key Traits

  • You’re a leader. You take initiative and have pride in being at the forefront of technology.

  • You’re adaptable. You can keep up with new and changing technologies and processes.

  • You’re creative. You can approach abstract information and deduce innovative ways to approach problems especially common in machine learning.

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